Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is the life...

For so long I feel that we've waited for the opportunity to have a simple and lovely life. Days like today make me feel like we've arrived!
Starting out the day by visiting the town farmer's market where we bought fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers- we ran into some people we knew and enjoyed the comraderie of the townspeople.

We then headed over to Costco and then home for a lunch of leftover homemade pizza (artichoke hearts, asparagus, tomato and cheese - yum!).
After lunch we hit the town once more and were able to make some purchases with the welcoming of spring: a patio set for our backyard and a bbq - where we hope to spend many days and nights these next months!

My husband enjoyed the chance for the project of putting it all together and now we're enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Our chairs have yet to be added, but on this warm night Wes is enjoying being outside with a cold one, bbq'ing to his heart's content!
Meanwhile I've prepared some garlic bread and swiss chard ready to be cooked once the meat is nearing its completion.
In a few minutes we'll be able to enjoy a wonderful, home-cooked meal in our quiet home. Bon Appetit! :)