Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hot then Cold, Yes then No

Oh this weather. A few weeks ago it was hot. Then we've had rain. And cold. And now we're looking at 80 plus degrees coming this next week.Oh Springtime, make up your mind!
And yet it so easily coincides with my emotions and hormones throughout this pregnancy. Hot then cold, Yes then No.
Some days I feel amazing - don't even feel pregnant and have enough energy and normal appetite throughout the day.
Then the next I'll be completely nauseous, exhausted, and not able to fit into any of my clothes.
Emotions are high and patience is limited. Not so great for my toddler on those days when I'm tired.
Today I'm 12 weeks pregnant - one more until the first trimester is complete! Crazy how time flies!
Our little one is the size of a lime.
From 6 weeks ago being the size of a sesame seed that is a HUGE growth!
That's really all for now! Just wanted to post an update!