Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring arrives with a bang!

March 20, 2011 - the first day of spring!
Yet it's hard to tell here in Tracy. Our weather these past weeks has been up and down - sunny and warm days mixed with stormy, cold ones.
We welcomed spring with quite the storm which came in yesterday accompanied by 30 mph winds, heavy sheets of rain, and very cold temperatures (in the 40's). This morning we woke up to cardboard boxes shredded in the street, a plastic bin lid from a few houses down on our front lawn, leaves and petals from the blooming trees blown everywhere, and our house address sign blown off our house!
Wes secured the sign to our house just now and we're hoping that it'll stay on.
It started raining again today, though we beat it by a hair by going on a walk around the neighborhood early this afternoon.
It's definitely fun having season-related weather, unlike where we lived in southern California. People here just keep on going, knowing that the weather will change soon and we'll experience the beauty and warmer temperatures of late spring/early summer before we know it!
In the meantime, my belly keeps on growing as does baby. Our little one had an ultra-sound two weeks ago and we were so happy to hear that all measurements are normal and see that healthy heart beating away.
Here's a photo of our half-way point at 20 weeks. Only 20 (or less) more to go!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time to Vent

I do not want to use this blog as a place to complain, but for this post I will use it to vent my frustrations.
For the most part my first four months of pregnancy have been really nice. Minimal nausea, no vomiting, feel-good support and love from friends and family...but not anymore!
I don't know what flipped the switch in people that makes them think that they get to give unwanted advice. Is it because we are half-way through? It seems that in these past weeks that some seem to think that they have been given permission to give me advice on
1-whether to find out the sex of the baby...and when to share it with anyone and everyone immediately, including through Facebook so the whole world knows! We will share when we are darn well ready!
2-what to name the baby. I'm pretty sure that decision is up to my husband and myself: no one else gets a say. We have decided to keep the name locked up in a highly secure vault until the baby comes out of me - then we will be happy to share!
3-when, where and how to have our baby shower. Sorry, it's already decided!
As much as I've read about well-meaning people trying to give advice during pregnancy I haven't had to experience it until now. Funny that this all happens after we move 5+ hours away.
Bottom line: I don't wish this experience on anyone and I am learning that when my dear friends and family are pregnant, I will not give advice unless it is asked for!
I'm beginning to resent even being in contact with people and am considering becoming a recluse for the remainder of my pregnancy! Jeesh!
Do you honestly believe that I have lost some level of intelligence with this pregnancy? I am still the capable adult, able to make decisions on my own, without advice or suggestions unless asked for.
So, take into consideration whether you are truly being supportive of those you love in life - by not giving advice when it has not been requested.
Thank you and goodnight. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Learning the art of gardening

Now that I have an actual backyard with grass and dirt and such, I have decided to learn the art of gardening.
Thus far this has included hours of pulling weeds. I find myself comparing weeds to life lessons.
More specifically sins or unhealthy things/people in one's life.
Some weeds are fairly simple to pull out. The ground around it gives way and it comes out, root and all. While other weeds are not quite ready. You can pull the leaves off of the weed but the root or the core of the weed won't budge. It is in there, set and not moving. Such weeds typically have a thicker base and, try as I might, it won't come out.
Throughout my hours of weeding I've had time to reflect and wonder if God feels the frustration as I do. Here I am trying to clear the dirt of these nasty weeds that would eventually threaten the life of my future vegetables and/or flowers that I hope to plant, yet some won't come out.
It isn't as simple as pulling out the green part/leaves - the part that appears on the surface of the ground and then saying "There! I can plant my seeds now!"
If I were to do that, the weeds would grow up right alongside and choke out my beautiful seeds.
Instead I have to learn patience - a LOT of patience - and go back with weed killer and try to kill the roots and pull them out, which takes time, before the ground will be ready and fertile for planting.
Whew! How often we just want to scurry to the end of our journey with God and "be all fixed up and perfect". But isn't God like a gardener who patiently pulls out the weeds in our lives?
I recall when I first surrendered my life to Jesus and God had quite the work cut out for Him! First he cleaned up my potty mouth, the inappropriate clothes I wore, the friends that were bad influences, the music with swear words, etc... and now it's pretty safe to say that, for someone looking at me from the outside, I look like a pretty clean, good Christian girl.
But over time and after those weeds were pulled God has the more difficult and frustrating weeds to work on - those of jealousy, resentment, judgmental thoughts, pride, gossip, etc. which are so much more deeply rooted and not budging. It takes time and me allowing God to soften up the dirt around those weeds so that eventually I can be purged of them.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New beginnings

Oh where to begin? This has been a season of true new beginnings.
Here I am starting a new blog in my new house in my new city as a new home-maker with our little baby growing inside of me.
Exciting things are happening and yet its a bit daunting at times.
We've been living in Tracy for just over one month and I can't say that I've really met anyone here. I haven't left the house on most days, but am enjoying being at home.
Sadly I've wasted away many days watching TV shows on Netflix but now I'm writing!
Small steps here.
I'm currently sick for the first time in these 18 weeks of pregnancy, with a nasty cold that is taking a long time to go away. I was hoping that I wouldn't get sick at all...guess that was too much to hope for. Especially when I go around sick people even though I know I shouldn't. What they say about pregnancy weakening your immune system must be true!