Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring arrives with a bang!

March 20, 2011 - the first day of spring!
Yet it's hard to tell here in Tracy. Our weather these past weeks has been up and down - sunny and warm days mixed with stormy, cold ones.
We welcomed spring with quite the storm which came in yesterday accompanied by 30 mph winds, heavy sheets of rain, and very cold temperatures (in the 40's). This morning we woke up to cardboard boxes shredded in the street, a plastic bin lid from a few houses down on our front lawn, leaves and petals from the blooming trees blown everywhere, and our house address sign blown off our house!
Wes secured the sign to our house just now and we're hoping that it'll stay on.
It started raining again today, though we beat it by a hair by going on a walk around the neighborhood early this afternoon.
It's definitely fun having season-related weather, unlike where we lived in southern California. People here just keep on going, knowing that the weather will change soon and we'll experience the beauty and warmer temperatures of late spring/early summer before we know it!
In the meantime, my belly keeps on growing as does baby. Our little one had an ultra-sound two weeks ago and we were so happy to hear that all measurements are normal and see that healthy heart beating away.
Here's a photo of our half-way point at 20 weeks. Only 20 (or less) more to go!

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