Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Newly inspired to blog

I was encouraged by a friend of mine to read The Wiegand's blog, where I received some inspiration to blog once again. The link to my inspiration is
The specific quote and what I want my blog to be about as well is
"I wanted (and still do) this to be a blog/ a place of inspiration, uplift, joy...but also truth. Because life is hard.

A lot of us have been through some seriously icky stuff.

And so I wanted this also to be "real".

It's easy to take beautiful family photos and pretend to have it all together-but who does that help?

Then Rachel (who blogs here) said this...

"To be taken seriously, I must realize the seriousness of blogging.

Not in a "I take myself very seriously" type of way at all. More in the way that you realize the importance of the words, the faith and the beliefs that you hold.

I have a responsibility and far reaching arms when I share my words and




Use your blog, your words and your person to share the Lord (and your heart) with others.

They desperately need to hear your story as much as you need to hear theirs.

Be serious. Be passionate and Be you."

Use your voice. No apologies.

We are all different and have been through different things, believe different things.... but whoever you are there is SOMEONE you can touch with your story.

Don't hold onto it."
I want to share my story....
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