Thursday, September 1, 2016

Psalm 62:1

"Truly my soul finds rest in God;
    my salvation comes from him."

Where do I turn when I need rest? 
To Instagram? TV shows? A nap? A night off from my kids? A book? 
These are all ways that I look for rest and salvation, an escape from my life. On the tough days when I'm on my last nerve with my kids, I escape to the world of social media, to see how others are living in their seemingly perfect and beautiful lives. 
Where do I try and find salvation? 
I think of the way I control my life and try to control my autoimmune disease with my strict diet, thinking it will save me. 
In homeschooling at times I think that it will save my kids from so much of the ugliness that is in the modern education world. 
I need to find my rest in God. My salvation comes only from Him. 
No one else. No where else. 
Let down my guard and release my attempts at control and allow Him to give me rest and salvation. After all one can only be saved by a savior.