Tuesday, June 11, 2013


As I toweled off after my shower this morning my daughter grabbed an oversize towel of her own and mimicked my routine of drying off. As I watched her copy my every move I found myself reflecting on the Bible verse where Paul begs other Christians to mimick his ways as he mimicked the ways of Christ. As parents my husband and I are often struck by the way that our daughter copies us exactly, by our movements down to the very intonation of our voice as we say certain words or phrases.
It blesses my heart in those moments when she asks to pray to Jesus and shouts 'Amen!'
Other times I find myself cringing as she is sassy or behaves as I do in my less-than-finer moments.
All in all I am challenged to copy the ways of my Lord and Savior, admittedly not consistently doing so. It's really the only way to parent! If we are copying Christ and following His ways then ultimately our children will copy those same things as they see us exhibiting Christ's ways.
Taking it one day at a time...