Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New beginnings

Oh where to begin? This has been a season of true new beginnings.
Here I am starting a new blog in my new house in my new city as a new home-maker with our little baby growing inside of me.
Exciting things are happening and yet its a bit daunting at times.
We've been living in Tracy for just over one month and I can't say that I've really met anyone here. I haven't left the house on most days, but am enjoying being at home.
Sadly I've wasted away many days watching TV shows on Netflix but now I'm writing!
Small steps here.
I'm currently sick for the first time in these 18 weeks of pregnancy, with a nasty cold that is taking a long time to go away. I was hoping that I wouldn't get sick at all...guess that was too much to hope for. Especially when I go around sick people even though I know I shouldn't. What they say about pregnancy weakening your immune system must be true!

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