Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life interrupted.

I have been longing to blog, but life has just been busy!
Keeping up with a toddler and the fatigue that comes with pregnancy has me beat!
I'm now just over 18 weeks pregnant and we are fast approaching our 3D ultrasound - the one where hopefully we will learn the gender of our little one. Provided they cooperate and show us the necessary parts ;)
Bunny has been so sweet and loves pretending that all things long and thin are "dopplers". She even used the "doppler" on Daddy's belly and wiped it off with a tissue and all! She cracks us up. Maybe a future midwife?
I adore the fact that she gets to be an active part of my appointments with Jessica. She is so good with Bunny and allows her to help. I feel very peaceful about this upcoming birth and am excited that Bunny will get to be here through the entire process! I think it will be magical for her to witness the miracle of birth and hope that it will allow her confidence in her own birthing choices someday.
So far baby is strong and moves like a pin ball, bouncing off the walls regularly! Daddy was able to feel him/her last night, which was amazing! Bunny wouldn't stay still long enough to wait for baby to move, so we'll just wait until baby is bigger so she can feel more easily.
Summer is quickly approaching and we had a glimpse of it this past week with temperatures near 100. The heat definitely wore on me and I felt dizzy a few times, so good reminder to take it easy. I get tired after cleaning a room or two, so the heat just expands on that. Thank you Lord for air conditioning!
We are excited that we've decided to take a vacation to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in a few weeks where we will stay in a tent cabin, which is essentially one room with two beds in it. I'm just grateful that we are keeping with our annual tradition of visiting a new NP each year! And this year we're covering two! Who know where next year will lead us!?
In late July we've decided to go ahead and plan on a trip to Disneyland - Bunny's final free trip before her birthday! We were hoping to go with my brother's family who will also be down visiting, however the dates don't look like they'll work out. At least they will be at Bunny's party!
Speaking of her party, I'm slowly trying to wrap my brain around it! Planning a party long distance is difficult and my brain power is reduced currently ;)
I struggle with wanting to control/get things done my way versus asking for help. I don't want to ever have someone feel like I "expect" them to do things for me and it's hard to ask.

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