Thursday, July 30, 2015

Whole 30 Day 30

Today we have reached the end of our Whole 30 - a 30 day challenge designed to heal your body & reset to a baseline of health in order to then determine how one's body reacts to inflammatory foods.
Foods we eat? All veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, meat, seafood
Foods we don't eat? Anything processed. Dairy. Gluten. Grains. Sugar in all forms.
Pretty simple.
So, now that we're here, what have I noticed?
For one my skin is incredibly clear, moisturized, beautiful and I've been told by numerous people that it "glows" (and no, I'm not pregnant!)
I'm sleeping so well and have incredible energy during the day. Even though I get up a few times a night with the girl who needs help to the bathroom and the baby who needs to nurse and have diaper changes. I'm still incredibly energetic. Not tired. Don't feel the need for any energy drinks (coffee or anything caffeinated). Just pure energy.
My mind is very clear and focused.
My anxiety is gone.
My digestion is very "regular" if ya know what I mean.
Yes, my clothes are fitting looser.
My hair is shiny and strong.
My nails are growing crazy fast & are strong (no, I'm not taking ANY supplements)
I'm happier (and my husband is happier -which is so delightful!)
We're feeling more attracted to one another - have more energy, etc.
We've started moving more as a result of this energy.

It's just plain good to feel this good!
My kids are sleeping better & have more energy - good thing mine is increased because theirs is CRAZY (in a good way- not a sugar high way)
I've found such joy in preparing healthy meals, from scratch, for my family.
I've found purpose in caring for my husband by preparing his breakfast & lunch to take to work daily. It's become a way to serve and love him.
It's worth it.

So now what?
The next step is called the "reintroduction" stage. This is the part I've been dreading, but am now kind of excited about that it's here!
We get to keep that baseline of healthy eating whole foods while testing out some of the foods we've missed and would like to consider incorporating back into our diet. So what do our lists look like?
I would like to try out the following:
ice cream
Alpine Valley whole wheat bread (all natural ingredients - no weird preservatives)
cheese (ideally made with raw milk, or maybe goat cheese)
yoghurt (again, with raw milk)
peanut butter (really just my sweet friend's bare ingredients. awesomeness)

So that's all I really care to try out! I don't miss anything else honestly.
I plan to continue eating this way & if something comes along that seems desirable, I'll consider whether it's worth it. Thankfully there are so many "paleo" ways of making substitutes that I'd rather use whole food ingredients & make my own that partake in fake food that'll end up making me feel icky.
Like for my daughter's golden birthday in just 2 days - I'm making cupcakes from the amazing book They'll contain honey and chocolate chips, but other than that - all whole 30 approved ingredients. So we can enjoy them without the yucky feeling afterwards. Hooray!

So here we go! We may start off the celebration with a little vino, who knows?!
It's food freedom people! We get to discover what makes us feel great and what makes us feel like crap - and whether it's worth feeling like crap. So excited for the next part of the journey! I'll write as we go along....hi..ho..hi..ho <3
Love from a mama

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