Sunday, October 11, 2015

What do I offer the world?

This past week was my first on Periscope. I am excited to navigate this new application with the #OctoberScopers group where we have daily prompts of topics to discuss. It's been fun to learn from others and connect with bloggers and other entrepreneurs.
Throughout these few days it has been encouraging and I've learned a lot about myself and realize the importance of narrowing the focus of my blog and my life.
When you consider how many million blogs there are out there, what is it that draws us to those specific few?
Time is our most precious resource. We can never reclaim it. Therefore, the moments we have we want to use on things that matter.
So I began thinking, what am I about? What do I want my blog to be about that is different from others? Ultimately, what do I have to offer the world that is unique?
And so this is the beginning of some alterations to my blog. To narrow it down and speak about what is important to me and what my heart is for.
Conveniently the first 5 all start with M <3
First off, I am passionate about Marriage.
Second I am passionate about Motherhood.
Third I am passionate about Missions.
Fourth I am passionate about Movement. Like literally moving your body.
Finally I am passionate about Mistakes...or rather redeeming them & allowing ourselves grace to accept them.
Beyond that I have yet to define clearly, but overall I could say that living naturally is important to me. While not purposely, we have become what you could call "gentle/attachment parents". But that's a post in and of itself, which I promise to write later. ;)
I do hope to gain some followers by redefining this blog and will continue to share our family journey with you all.
I look forward to hashing out each area and sharing with you in the days to come.
Have a fabulous week!
Find me on Periscope and Twitter at kmcclain77
I hope to connect with you!

Have you considered these questions? Have you written a personal or family missions statement?  I'd love to hear what you are passionate about in the comments!

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