Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3rd

Today seems like a good day to have a baby :)
Last night I was fantasizing about the birth announcement - Camille Renee McClain born August 3, 2011 weighing 7 lbs. 9 oz. 21 inches long - haha
I went for a good 30 minute walk this morning while listening to my joyful pregnancy affirmations on my iPod. I felt good doing it and had some light pressure waves and some pressure in my lower back. Hopefully this will get things going. I'm hoping that I can spend some time with my hubby this afternoon practicing some other induction techniques - ahem. haha
My sister has officially booked her flight up here for tomorrow night - ahhh! Part of me is excited and looking forward to....well, something to look forward to. Another part of me is feeling the pressure and am a little hesitant to have her here. In visualizing my birthing time, I only have Wes as a part of it. Having her here does add a bit of anxiety/stress. I just need to remember that I do NOT need to entertain her, nor come up with things for her to do. She is coming to support me only.
So I guess I'll make a list today of things for her to do while she's here!
Oh baby girl, please come soon? I so long to hold you in my arms!

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