Monday, August 1, 2011

Gradual progression

Yesterday it seemed that things were progressing in my body. Just before dinner my pressure waves became very regular - about 6 minutes apart, lasting 30-45 seconds for over an hour! By the time I asked Wes to start timing them the regularity stopped. Maybe it was a mental thing, who knows? The waves didn't pick back up regularity until I went to bed last night. By that time Wes was falling asleep and I wouldn't ask him to time them as he needed to get up and go to work today.
So today getting up I'm finding that I'm having more waves again.
My body knows just what to do and I trust it.
I have an appointment with my doctor this morning and I'm visualizing that I will be 100% effaced and 6-7 cm dilated. :)
She'll come when all is ready.
One thing I've been wondering is whether the supplements I'm taking are decreasing my pressure waves? The Utrophin PMG and Symplex F were the two I was using to stop my menstrual cramps, so am wondering if they could now be preventing regular contractions....just a thought. Maybe I'll call Dr. Kelemen today...
Either way I know my body will do what it needs to and I'll enjoy my baby's birth!

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