Sunday, July 31, 2011


Today things are definitely intensifying. I'm so thankful to our faithful Lord for a restful night - Wes and I both feel energized and ready to conquer the day. My pressure waves are growing more intense and..a little different. They feel like menstrual cramp waves in the front one minute and then feel like constipation the next. They are radiating quite close together, though I don't know how regular they are. They seem to vary depending on whether I'm standing or sitting. Hopefully this means that things are progressing, as I continue to feel my pelvis widening and baby's head dropping lower. By the end of yesterday I was using the bathroom every 30 minutes it felt like.
I can feel her head pressing down, though no water bag breaking yet. I did see my mucous plug in the toilet yesterday (sorry for anyone reading this that thinks its too much information!) and am feeling ready.
I know I cannot rush her and she can take the time she needs - our prayer is that she will enter the world peacefully, calm and aware. We'll see if she decides on July or waits until August - today is the deciding day!
In the meantime I'm trying to stay hydrated and am so thankful for Wes - as he's taking amazing care of me! He grilled teriyaki tri-trip, asparagus and rye bread for us last night and it was so delicious! This morning I had a bowl of cheerios with milk and then he toasted me an english muffin and made a chai tea latte. I know I need the nourishment for what's to come, so am focusing on that.
We'll try to get out today and do something that involves walking, though with the almost 90 degrees plus humidity, it'll have to be somewhere indoors.
I so enjoyed my day with him yesterday as he took me to IHOP for breakfast and then we ran errands before walking around OSH and then walking the mall. We came home last night and walked the neighborhood as well - whew! Lots of walking! Last night we settled down to a movie after dinner and then got our full night of sleep. Let's see what today holds in store!

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