Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthing time

I think it's safe to say that I've begun my birthing time. This HypnoBabies thing really works, as it is easy and so comfortable so far! My pressure waves (aka contractions) simply feel like waves of pressure radiating from my uterus to my back. I can feel my cervis dilating and the pressure of baby's head gently moving down into my pelvis.
I feel very calm and peaceful - it's almost surreal! I've kept asking myself, is this really happening? Baby has been more active as the pressure waves gently squeeze and massage her.
Last night I had a bit of emotional meltdown - as I realized I was placing a time limit on myself and my birthing by telling people the status of things. From now on I will not be sharing how things are progressing - I want to stay centered and balance in my birthing time. "My job is to simply relax and allow my baby's birth to happen" - one of my favorite quotes from the HypnoBabies tracks.
"My body knows how to give birth" "I will birth beautifully, calmy and peacefully"
I do feel very relaxed and am looking forward to giving birth with confidence.
I am so thankful that God has designed my body to do this and that it is gradually preparing for baby's birth.
Today I have few errands left to run and then I'll be settling in for a nice, relaxing weekend of patiently cooperating with my body during this birthing time.

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