Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Preliminary birthing signs

Continuing the countdown and praying that our daughter will come in God's perfect timing...
This past week I've experienced some preliminary signs of birthing as I feel my body changing. About two weeks ago I began to experience some contractions aka birthing waves, which started as aches in my lower back and then lead to what felt like low menstrual cramps in my pelvis. These began the night before we drove to San Francisco airport to visit Wes' sister and her family. I was a bit nervous with that long drive, but told myself that my mind is in control of my body and that I was not going to start my birthing time on that drive...and I didn't!
Since then there have been similar experiences, but nothing regular. Earlier this week after purposefully practicing some induction techniques (walking and...ahem..time with my hubby ;) ) I developed a deep peace and feeling of 'readiness' as well as had my 'nesting instinct' kick in yesterday with a burst of energy and getting a lot of errands done. I also felt some random 'drips' and wondered if perhaps there is a leak in my amniotic sac.
I checked with the nurses at the hospital to verify that my Group B strep test was negative, which it was, and since have not had the feeling of leaking any further.
Today I just rested and relaxed for most of the day, feeling my daughter sink even lower into my pelvis, though no regular birthing waves have come.
I intend to begin listening to my birthing day affirmations tonight as I go to sleep and trust that my body and baby will do what they need to in their own perfect time. After all, once of my favorite sayings is "My job is to simply relax and allow my baby's birth to happen"
I can only give praise to the Lord for this wonderful pregnancy, for designing my body to work perfectly while He alone has formed my daughter, inside and out. I look forward to my birthing time with confidence and assurance that God will guide me through and my body was made for this!

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