Saturday, July 30, 2011

Final days of preparation

We're in our final days of preparation for baby so I figured I'd document it with photos.
Here's what we're up to in our days of counting down:
My project of cleaning out and reorganizing the pantry before baby arrives....actually before guests arrive who'll likely be cooking for us :) I figured it'd be nice if they had some kind of organized system to go by!
Nursery is pretty well set-up and ready for baby girl!
Wes already installed one carseat in my car and is now working on installing the convertible carseat in his truck.
And finally our front room reflect baby toys and a birthing ball - my seat of choice these days for helping baby's descent :) She's taken over!
With a belly ready to pop, bags packed and ready to go, we're 39 weeks and counting!

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