Saturday, July 30, 2011

Antsy, Irritated and Emotional...

Wow what a roller coaster ride this is turning into! Over the course of the past few days we've figured out that my hormones are going through a change, which has resulted in my breaking down to tears every night over something.
My dreams have been so vivid and odd, mostly including images and people from the past - last night included my getting ready for school (I was in high school) and running late and Katelyn and Brennan getting on me for running late. I hadn't given myself enough time for breakfast or to make a lunch, so planned to stop at Starbucks and pick something up, but knew that Brennan would be upset for making him late to school. It was exam time and I couldn't remember what order my classes went in, so didn't know where to go first. I felt very unprepared and pressured.
I've been listening to my HypnoBabies tracks at night these past few nights and it seems like I'm having birthing waves while I'm sleeping, but not so many while I'm awake. Could it be that my body is doing the preparation work while I sleep and am in hypnosis?
Last night was the first time I felt irritated by the tracks. I played more than one in a row and found myself a bit disoriented when I woke up and they were still playing. That, along with dreaming through listening to my tracks, resulted in a very irritated and uncomfortable Kristen this morning.
*sigh* Of course I can analyze all of this and question whether my body and mind are not quite ready to give birth and perhaps that is why I couldn't handle listening to the Easy First Stage track? Perhaps my subconscious mind is rejecting the suggestion that this is time to give birth because it's not quite time?
Only time will tell!

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