Thursday, February 27, 2014

To tell or not to tell..that is the question

7 weeks in
The question on my mind is who and when to announce our pregnancy. At 7 weeks our little one is not yet the size of a blueberry, although I am feeling it full-on. Nausea and queasiness are daily occurrences, today being one of those days I'm feeling it all day long. When Bunny nurses it is quite intense as my nipples are sore and the longer she goes in between nursing the more painful it is. But once she starts in, relief comes quickly. I am determined to allow her to decide when she is done with our breastfeeding journey. Especially now that we are adding another to our family. I want her to feel comforted and secure in whatever way she needs.
Off track a bit - we told family of course and I've share with a few running buddies, knowing they'll look out for me on our runs (although I'm leaning more toward walking through this pregnancy as well). And last night I shared with my bible study group, knowing they've been praying that God would bless us with another child. They were the most excited by far and it was such a blessing to have such dear friends celebrate with exclamations and tears.
Being this early on it does make me a bit nervous to share, and yet we're so excited and even if something happens and we lose the baby, I don't want to go through it alone.
I read that whoever and how many you tell in the first trimester, you should be comfortable informing those same people if the pregnancy ends.

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