Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Birthing in the rain?

So it sounds a bit funny but my ideal birth this time around would be when it is raining.
And here in our town it's rare.
However, today the weather seems to have changed! There is now a chance of rain tonight or tomorrow morning! Oh how amazing it would be to have the windows open, listening to the sound and smelling the rain while giving birth! That would be a gift straight from Jesus!
We'll see what happens with timing and weather and all, but for now it's looking good!
Today has included more happenings, with waves while walking to and from the park this morning, light waves while walking around the house while doing dishes, folding laundry and such.
I did listen to my birthing day track while napping today, which felt like I was opening up more, so we'll see!
After last night's hour and a half of waves, which ended when I went to bed, I texted my midwife today to see when exactly she wants to hear from me. She replied that she'll head over when waves are 4 minutes apart regardless of what I'm doing - sitting on the ball, walking, laying down, etc. They need to be intense and consistent. Which was VERY helpful to hear! It did help me recall my first birthing experience when I had to turn off and focus with each wave when I was simply lying in bed, needing to hold on to my husband when I was walking and so on.
These waves are not that intense yet, so we'll wait and see when the time comes!
Please Jesus let it rain!  ;)

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