Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Single digit countdown

We are 9 days from our due date! Not that baby girl is on the same schedule as us of course, but it's still exciting to be in our final days as a family of three!
So what are we up to? Slowing down, checking tasks off of lists & trying to keep just busy enough so we don't go stir-crazy waiting.
Today Camille & I had our final mommy-daughter date that included pedicures, storytime at the library and lunch. I'm so glad we got some special time for just the two of us. At home we're having plenty of cuddle time, napping together and slowly preparing for baby sister to arrive.
I've been having pre-birthing waves come and go. They are definitely more intense when I'm up and walking around. Daphne is moving lower and causing lots of pressure on my pubis-symphysis. It's separating and just wow. Lots of stretching.
Waves feel like cramping and it's hard to differentiate between pressure from Daphne's strong movements. Girl likes to stretch out as much as she can!
Camille has taken up nursing at least three times a day now - typically around waking up and going to sleep.
It's been a tricky journey of breastfeeding through pregnancy but as we approach our 39 week mark in just 2 days I feel so happy and confident that we've made it!
I'm glad we got to capture some photos before the baby arrives. Looking forward to tandem nursing my two daughters in a week or so!

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